LHP 2019 January Boudoir Event | Sacramento Airbnb


Let me start out by saying thank you to all of the amazing gals that allowed me to take such intimate photos of them + to the awesome team of vendors who glammed up the space & the girls! Floral Installation: Perky Posies (@perkyposies). Hair: Brelynn Shirey (@hairbybreshirey). Makeup: Christi Reynolds (@christireynoldsbeauty).

Okay now that I’ve said my thank yous… This event was the most amazing thing I've ever done. Sounds like an exaggeration? Well it isn’t. It was an equally empowering experience for these girls to feel beautiful in next to nothing as it was for me to make them feel confident and sexy. AND DAMN DID THEY LOOK SEXY. This two day event left me with the biggest smile on my face ‘cause in a world where women are given a million reasons to feel bad about themselves these women chose to embrace what God gave them and feel truly beautiful. This event was so much fun and I cannot wait until the next one.

As a disclaimer, all of the photos below have been approved by the client for me to share!

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