Where are you located?

“I am located in the Sacramento area.”

Do you travel?

“UMM, YES! Anywhere you need me to be, I'll be there! My passport is current!”

Do you require a contract? When does my date become booked?

“Yes, a contract is required for all of the sessions I offer. If I am available on the date needed, I will send you a contract full of information. Once, I get that signed contract back along with a $500 non-refundable retainer fee, I'm yours!"

Do you shoot film?

"Yes, I love shooting film! During all of my weddings I shoot using a film camera as well as digitally. Currently I shoot with a medium format Mamiya 645."

How are final images delivered?

“Family, portrait, and engagement sessions photos are delivered through an online gallery. Wedding images are delivered on a gold + glass flash drive. Prints are included in some wedding packages and packaged in a beautiful marble + wood box.”

How soon will I get the images from our session?

“For portrait, family, and engagement sessions photos have a 2 week turn around time. Weddings have a 4-8 week turn around depending on the package.”

How many edited images do I get from a session with you?

“For a portrait session, you will receive around 40-80 images. Family sessions usually run around 100 images or so. From an 8 hour wedding, you will get about 800-1,000+ images. These numbers are estimates, I promise you will have more than enough photos to choose from!”

Can we edit any of the pictures you give us?

“No, sorry. All of the photos you get will be edited to reflect the style of my work and will be print ready, Instagram worthy, and Facebook likeable. You won't need to fix anything!”

Who will photograph our wedding with you?

“If your chosen package includes a second photographer, I will have picked a skilled photographer that I have worked with before and that has a similar style to mine to accompany me on your day.”

What if it rains?

“I’ve got you covered. All of my gear is weather resistant and ready for the rain if it happens on your wedding day. For portrait sessions, if the chance of rain is high then I will call you to postpone or reschedule.”